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Mindset Coaching – Your Key To Happiness & Success

  • Do you struggle with self-doubt, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage issues?
  • Do you often feel a sense of guilt and fear?
  • Have you been feeling burnt-out and less motivated lately?
  • Require assistance with clear thinking, sharp intelligence, and removing mental blocks?
  • Are you feeling unhappy with your current career, relationships, and life in general?
  • Wondering how to create healthy habits, set & complete goals and live a positive lifestyle?

Mindset Coaching helps you to address life issues by effectively accessing your conscious and subconscious Mind. Remember – your Mind can be your best friend or a bad foe.


Look no further, you have reached the right place

My coaching techniques remove any traumas, limiting beliefs, unhealthy thoughts that are affecting your wellbeing. Re-programming your brain brings clarity and increases your productivity and sense of happiness in life. You can expect from me a clear goal setting plan, follow-up calls & support, professional mentoring and accountability and more.

Mindset Coaching helps you with:

• Creating a sense of deep happiness
• Taking responsibility for our own personal and professional lives
• Increases productivity, sharp thinking, and mental toughness
• Slowly but steadily eliminates negative thinking patterns
• Create a good balance between your mind, body, and spirit
• Increases your emotional intelligence and builds resilience
• Improve your overall sense of health and wellbeing.
• Understanding your values and purpose towards life

You are the main creator of your own life and destiny. Make sure you get the best out of your life.

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  • When I met Sathiya, I was facing many challenges in my business life. He taught me how to handle stress, manage the employees, increase the cash flow and develop a positive outlook towards business and life. I am very happy that my business and life got back on track. I highly recommend Sathiya’s services for anyone looking for a professional and personable coach. Highly recommended!

    Ms. Gomi Husdell Blue Gulabi Restaurants/Business Owner
  • I want to thank Sathiya for immensely helping me to overcome my fears and anxiety. Being able to let go of the past and change my perspective on the world has given me a new life. If only I could have met him earlier. If you are struggling with business, health or mental health issues, I strongly encourage contacting him. Sathiya isn’t just a coach but a truly caring human who I now consider to be my friend and guide.

    Alex Tokmakov Gabba Print Services/Business Owner
  • Sathiya has extensive knowledge in the areas of coaching and consulting. He devised new ideas to help me build my tutoring business. He helped me to stay focused on a big project for school children and the outcomes from this project were simply a result of his patience and wholesome support. Seek his advice and you won’t regret your decision at all!

    Ms. Andrea Cave Academix Tutoring/Business Owner
  • Working with Sathiya has thus far, been the BEST investment of my career. I came to him with curiosity and openness to see if this could work for my business. Over a span of 3 sessions, not only has my professional life been impacted powerfully, but so has my personal life and inner well-being. After having worked with some coaches in the past, and having done a few courses, I had an idea that I would benefit somehow, but the results have completely superseded my expectations! One of the things I LOVE the most, is that Sathiya’s approach makes complex things super simple! I would recommend him time and time again (and will definitely come back to him time and time again)!

    Kristine Fernandez Social Media Expert
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