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Dr Sathiya Ramakrishnan is a research scientist turned coach. He offers coaching and consulting services for individuals, organizations, businesses and the community.



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Want to get the best out of your your job and professional life? I am an experienced career coach who can help you negotiate the complicated modern world of work and achieve your goals.


Grow your business by using smart ideas, cutting-edge technology and establishing new, mindful patterns of work and behaviour at all levels of your business.


An experienced keynote speaker at conferences, events and meetings, available for businesses, charities, clubs, organisations and educational institutions.


Lead the healthiest life you can with advice from a qualified professional with a PhD in Health Science. Treat your bod the way it is meant to be treated and reap the benefits.


  • When I met Sathiya, I was facing many challenges in my business life. He taught me how to handle stress, manage the employees, increase the cash flow and develop a positive outlook towards business and life. I am very happy that my business and life got back on track. I highly recommend Sathiya’s services for anyone looking for a professional and personable coach. Highly recommended!

    Ms. Gomi Husdell Blue Gulabi Restaurants/Business Owner
  • Sathiya's advice helped me to overcome stress and fatigue issues. A great service that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to live a healthier and more balanced life.

    Oliyana Graphic Designer
  • Personally I have found Sathiya to have a wonderful approach in bringing balance into my daily life as well as forward positive thinking. Whilst working with Sathiya, I have been able to feel more grounded and connected to myself, our sessions always leave me feeling less anxious, stressed, more centered each and every day. It has been a blessing to receive his help as he is very trustworthy and can talk on an in-depth professionally and friendly level

    Rachel Personal Trainer
  • I want to thank Sathiya for immensely helping me to overcome my fears and anxiety. Being able to let go of the past and change my perspective on the world has given me a new life. If only I could have met him earlier. If you are struggling with business, health or mental health issues, I strongly encourage contacting him. Sathiya isn’t just a coach but a truly caring human who I now consider to be my friend and guide.

    Alex Tokmakov Gabba Print Services/Business Owner
  • Sathiya has extensive knowledge in the areas of coaching and consulting. He devised new ideas to help me build my tutoring business. He helped me to stay focused on a big project for school children and the outcomes from this project were simply a result of his patience and wholesome support. Seek his advice and you won’t regret your decision at all!

    Ms. Andrea Cave Academix Tutoring/Business Owner
  • If anyone has health issues or just wants to live a cleaner, more healthy life, I can highly recommend Dr. Ramakrishnan’s services. I had some persistent health issues and under his advice, I got better in a matter of weeks after literally months of seeing regular doctors with no success. Highly recommended.

    Jesse Musician
  • I have been a client of Sathiya and his coaching has made a huge difference to my life - Health, Business, and Wellbeing. My Self Confidence got vastly improved under his gentle guidance.

    Rose Director
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